Advantages of billboards.

Billboards catch the eye and are a great way for advertisers to communicate and grab the attention of their perspective audience. Permanent Billboards are strategically located on major freeways and principal arterials that command high-density consumer exposure (mostly to vehicular traffic).

Billboards provide advertisers the ability to communicate a message and to create an impression on local and traveling commuters . Billboard advertisements can run for as short as one month but tend to be displayed for a year or longer. Las Vegas Billboards offers a variety of Permanent Billboards in the Las Vegas Valley.

  • One of the largest formats of advertising in any media
  • 24/7 exposure/promotion.
  • Cost per thousand - $1 to reach 1,000 viewers.
  • T.O.M.A. – top of mind awareness, the last message/advertisement most people see is on their way to purchase a product.
  • Repeat exposure.
  • Reach and Frequency.
  • Mobile Billboards break down, have to gas up, and don’t operate 24/7.
  • Billboards are one of the last true advertising formats that you can’t turn off.