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Strategically located on the major highways, interstates, and roads, digital billboards are a great way to advertise your business. Digital billboards provide you with the distribution, reach, frequency and attention you want for your brand. Our digital billboards are the latest addition to our billboard types. Research and experience both show that digital billboards bring you an extremely effective way to not just show your brand, but also inform potential customers of your business in a more eye-catching and interactive way. We’re excited to see the future of billboard advertising, and how digital boards will truly revolutionize the industry.

Why our digital billboards are different

Your brand is as important to us as it is with you. We do not accept adult strip club advertising on our digital billboards. Keeping high standards for your brand, your message will not be followed or lead by a strip club ad. Las Vegas Billboards will not advertise our own self-promotion advertisement, we will use your creative to fill any free time and space as added value. We give our advertisers 10-second digital displays; this is 20% to 30% more time than other digital billboards providers.

Innovative change in billboard advertising

As people’s interests and expectations change about how to receive and interpret information, the advertising industry also needed to change. Digital billboards are that change. With the latest technology, your message can be immediately adjusted, altered, or created for your targeted audience. You will have the ability to display multiple pieces of creative art files and change creative at a moment’s notice.

Bright, eye-catching appearance

The digital board consists of bright, lively colors which immediately draw in consumers. Artwork is easily showcased for just about any time of day.

Our digital billboards

When you work with Las Vegas Billboards, you’ll get to advertise 24/7. All of this can be done with very limited production costs that you would have with other advertising choices.

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