Las Vegas Strip Corridor and Local Routes

If you’ve ever been to Las Vegas, static mobile billboards are a common, custom way to see what businesses or events are going on. With so many visitors constantly walking and stopping along the Strip, your advertisement is guaranteed to see a great response in attention and interest. With static mobile billboards we can also create a custom route specific to you needs whether you want to reach locals or tourist.

The impression from static mobile billboards:

The minimum exposure of this type of billboard is 6 hours per day, 4 days per week. You’ll almost immediately see traction and interest in your company in no time. If you want your message seen throughout the day, in an effective way, static mobile billboards are your top choice.

Your customizable options with Las Vegas Billboards:

Since the billboards are static, you are limited to creative and interactive work in comparison to the digital billboards. However, your design and message will still be clearly read, understand, and spark interest. As a team, we will work to ensure your billboard advertisement is well received and in the prime routes at the right times.

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