Las Vegas Strip Street Teams

Our brand ambassadors are dedicated to bringing you the best service available. Your team of ambassadors will promote your product with enthusiasm and professionalism. We all enjoy working in the Las Vegas, and are excited to start working with you. With effective strategies and proven dedication, we’re ready to take your business to the next level. Each individual team member brings something unique to the table. We value high-quality work, which means we only hire trained, reliable, and energetic employees.

Our Process

Our process varies for each client, ensuring a customizable and tailored experience. However, there are three things that we do for each one of our clients:

• We connect you to your target audience

We put your business information and call-to-action material directly into the hands of locals and tourists. As hired experts, we know what and where works to connect you to your targeted audience.

• We’re walking billboards for you

Our street team members wear your advertisement for visitors to see. This promotes your business, while also allowing people to ask our street team more about your business.

• We provide daily handouts

Our street team hands out 1,000 – 1,800 units per day with minimum requirements. As an effective way to share what your business is all about, handouts allow for a tangible piece of advertising to be put in the hands of potential customers.

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