Billboard Development

After an easement or ground lease is executed, Las Vegas Billboards will start the pre-development and construction process. Las Vegas Billboards and the property owner decide on the correct location of the sign and the type of configuration that will maximize the parcel’s attributes. The pre-development process consists of obtaining a project site plan of the parcel, which includes the billboard location on the plans compiled by a civil engineer. Once completed, Las Vegas Billboards will submit for a permit. This process usually takes about a month. Once a permit is issued, Las Vegas Billboards will start fabricating the billboard and have it installed in accordance to the location on the site plan. This process usually takes an additional two months. Therefore, the total pre-development and construction process will take about three months from land lease signing until the structure is built on the property. For more information on the construction process please contact us or fill out the form below.

Advantages to Leases

Leases are another way that property owners can make some additional supplemental income by allowing Las Vegas Billboards to place an outdoor advertising billboard on their property. Our company can engineer a structure to any configuration to maximize the available space of each parcel and design any of our billboards around any existing developments (example: buildings, parking, landscapes, etc.) without any capital investment from the landowner. Las Vegas Billboards will be responsible for all cost associated with creating the project site plan, obtain all permits through the local and state municipalities, pay for the fabrication and installation of the outdoor advertising billboard. In addition, Las Vegas Billboards carries a commercial liability policy for several million dollars to ensure all properties owners are held harmless of any liabilities associated with our billboards.

Submit Site Application

If you are a property owner with a parcel of property that you feel Las Vegas Billboards may be interested in placing a billboard on, please submit your information via e-mail to: