We’ll manage your billboard.

Since Las Vegas Billboards is in the outdoor advertising business in the Las Vegas Metropolitan City, our company has built many relationships with national, regional, and local companies that use outdoor advertising as part of their marketing mix. Therefore, our company can generate a larger stream of income and a higher occupancy than individual billboard or landowners. If you or someone you know has one or several billboards, our company can manage your structures to provide you with a passive income without any active participation on your part.

Las Vegas Billboards will also be responsible for all costs associated with managing your billboard. This includes the cost of illuminating your structure, upkeep of the physical appearance, selling and displaying advertisements, and maintaining insurance to hold all billboard owners harmless of any liability.

Sell Your Billboard

If you are a property owner that is looking to sell your outdoor advertising billboard or off-premise sign, please contact Las Vegas Billboards to get this process started. Las Vegas Billboards is actively seeking easements and leases in the State of Nevada and will review all opportunities that are presented to the company. Please email us at: info@lasvegasbillboards.com

Purchase/Management Process

The purchase can usually be completed within a few weeks. If you are a billboard owner that is interested in having Las Vegas Billboards manage your billboard, please submit your information by emailing us at: info@lasvegasbillboards.com 

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